Freebase is live

Freebase has now opened its doors to anyone, at least for those who just want to browse and search. Looks like you’ll have to wait a while longer if you’re wanting to contribue. I’m still really interested in what Freebase brings to the party; how it compares and is different to Wikipedia – but most […]

5 Freebase accounts to give away

I’ve just got 5 sign-ins for Freebase to give away. It’s currently in alpha and not available to new users but has just sent out invites to all registered users to extend the testing of the service. I wrote a post about the service a while back – it’s a kind of Semantic Webby approach […]

Freebase: I’m in…

I got a sign-in for the alpha release Freebase a few days ago and I’m pretty interested in what I’ve seen. Freebase is, to quote a couple of commentators: “possibly the most exciting thing to happen to the web for some time”. Or, as TechCrunch put it: “This is cool, unless it achieves consciousness and […]

Mashed Museum 2008

On June 18th 2008 (the day before UK Museums on the Web conference) a bunch of us met in a room at Leicester University to do some museum mashing. Our aim was: ” …to give ourselves an environment free from political or monetary constraints. The focus of the day is not IPR, copyright, funding or […]