Pirate yourself

January 29, 2008

Paulo Coelho, well known author of The Alchemist, has taken a novel (ha ha) approach to the “Scarcity vs Scale” discussion. He’s created The Pirate Coelho, a jumping off point to a Box.net storage account with PDF’s of some of his books.

There’s a description of what and why on TorrentFreak and a video of Coelho talking about how the web has challenged traditional publishig.

The figures are hard to argue with:

…how uploading the Russian translation of “The Alchemist” made his sales in Russia go from around 1,000 per year to 100,000, then a million and more…”

Interesting stuff. He looks good with a pirate eye patch, too 🙂


It's true. But at the same time, understandably hard for publishers with fairly traditional money-making models to come to terms with...


The idea of increasing sales by giving books away makes sense actually - the more people who enjoy the work, the more people you have recommending it.


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