Just really, immensely cool…

November 16, 2007

A quickie for a Friday evening…

Check out megaphone for a very cool, completely addictive and (probably) easy to implement idea: using your phone as a controller for enormous video screens. It’s collaborative gameplay just like those Saturday morning TV shows we used to watch (“down a little bit…SHOOT!”) only a whole bundle better. As the makers point out, it’s unprecedented in scale and can be played across multiple locations.

I’m guessing it uses phone tones as the controlling method: advantage – no installs, no specialist phones, no limits on network.

First one to implement it in a museum context wins 50p…



I dunno, I reckon for multiplayer stuff (think Science Museum IMAX cinema kind of size) you could get much bigger scale than inbuilt controllers. No wear and tear for in-house kit, plus I bet you could do something interesting and social with the numbers you get from the system. Reckon the phone call could presumably be freephone..?


Would be a bit pointless in a museum context, where you could just have wired controllers instead (saving players the cost of the phone call). Nice idea for clubs, bars, and outdoor venues though.